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Sabah State Court Administration


  • Planning and implementing human resource development and departmental staffing.
  • Provide advice related to service matters.
  • Managing the administration of service affairs in terms of confirmation in service, extension of probationary period, entry into pensionable. positions, acting and promotion, job retention, transfer and retirement.
  • Administer Service Record management.
  • Prepare Income Change Statement (Kew.8) for Annual Salary Movement, Allowance Eligibility and Facilities according to current regulations.
  • Manage disciplinary actions.
  • Managing Property, Assets and other income Declarations.
  • Organizing internal courses.
  • Managing the affairs of the Annual Performance Evaluation Report.
  • Administer and monitor the HRMIS system.
  • Manage nominations for Federal and State Honors, Stars and Medals.
  • Responsible for work attendance matters, preparation of monthly. attendance reports for Sabah Court officers and staff as well as issuing show cause letters to officers/staff who appear late/don't record attendance without permission.
  • Manage the placement of practical students doing training.



  • Monitor the duties of private Security Guards from time to time.
  • Supervise contract workers doing work in the courthouse.
  • Ensure that every visitor who deals in the court is registered & wears a Security Pass.
  • Carry out security patrols inside and outside the court building as well as the boundaries of the building area according to the schedule.
  • Record and act on security complaints.



  • Manage all procurement of the Department related to quotations, tenders and direct negotiations.
  • Ensure the procurement process implemented by the Department to comply with the rules and procedures set by the Government.
  • Ensure specification and technical reports have been reviewed and approved by the appointed authority.
  • Ensure procurement by purchase directly obtains approval from the Director or Assistant Director before issuing Local Orders.
  • Ensure the use of central contracts for the procurement of items listed in central/Treasury contracts.
  • Manage the Department Procurement planning for each year.



  • Manage, administer and implement matters related to government revenue from the receipt of revenue to the issuance of receipts through the eCF system.
  • Manage, administer and be responsible for the Lower Court and High Court deposit accounts.
  • Responsible for preparing payment vouchers and supporting documents for deposit refunds.
  • Checking and maintaining Trust, Deposit and Revenue Reconciliation Statements.
  • Gazettement of ageing deposits.



  • Manage all types of bills and claims under the Managing Budget and Dependent Budget.
  • Manage petty cash (Panjar Wang Runcit).
  • Manage payrolls for officers and staffs working under the Court of Sabah.
  • Issuing Local Orders and processing related payment vouchers.
  • Maintain departmental contract administration in the eProcurement system.
  • Reviewing and maintaining the Management and Development Adjustment Statement.
  • Generate and maintain all financial reports.



  • Receive and validate Assets/Items and Inventory registers through the Asset Management Monitoring System (SPPA).
  • Manage/implement asset inspections and update position records and Capital Assets and Inventory.
  • Help manage and implement work related to the disposal of government movable assets.
  • Help manage the transfer and supply of Capital Assets and Inventory to the relevant units/stations/courts.
  • Store stock according to the methods and locations set by using the store space optimally.
  • Maintain records for every transaction in and out of stock accurately, regularly and up-to-date.
  • Planning and managing stock to ensure stock availability according to the set level.
  • Conduct inspections to detect and identify any weaknesses that cause stock. discrepancies, damaged, obsolete, expired and non-moving stock.



  • Accept vehicle reservation requests from officers/staff for official duties.
  • Ensuring the driver's itinerary to bring officers/staff for official duties such as the bank, Post Office to send letters/documents to other Departments and the business of sending Department vehicles/official vehicles to Spanco for periodical maintenance services or repairing any damage.
  • Store the Department's vehicle keys, check the transactions of the fuel cards.
  • Ensure that the vehicle log book is maintained perfectly by the drivers.
  • Ensuring that every High Court Judge and Session Court Judge sends Petronas oil fuel card detail transaction reports every month.
  • Coordinating the affairs of the Department's fuel cards and Official Cars of the YA Department High Court & Sessions Court Judges.
  • To ensure the PDRM, JPJ and City Council summons/compounds are paid by the users/drivers who violated the traffic Law and rules.



  • Planning, preparing and detailing every Physical Development plan for the Sabah State Court from all aspects of Engineering.
  • Manage and carry out maintenance and repairs for All Engineering Disciplines, ensuring the Sabah State Court buildings and facilities function properly.
  • Review of the needs / additional facilities based on the current addition of functions for the Sabah State Court.
  • Ensure that the State Court's Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and architectural maintenance runs well and follows the correct Engineering procedures and meets the department's requirements.
  • Carry out emergency repairs related to physical facilities.



  • Coordinating and assisting the Information Technology Division, PKPMP in ICT related matters.
  • Assist in providing details on ICT equipment needs, personal computers, printers and scanners.
  • Providing records, updating, installation as well as maintaining and repairing ICT equipment.
  • Ensure that ICT contractors appointed by PKPMP carry out the tasks of maintaining ICT equipment properly as stipulated in the terms of the contract.
  • Monitor and ensure that the Internet and MyGovNet networks in Sabah State Court are working at an optimal level.
  • Assist the Website Committee in technical related matters of the Official Court’s Portal.
  • Ensure ICT equipment loaned to officers and staffs are in accordance to grade eligibility.